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In Resonance Coaching

Transform Your Communication & Career with Virtual Somatic Voice Coaching

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Are you looking to advance your career, but communicating with key stakeholders and selling your ideas can sometimes be a challenge?

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Does your current role, or the role you want, require you to have stellar presentation skills but you lack the confidence to connect with your audience?

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Are you in a leadership position, or want to be, but you need to improve your skills in leading conversations and influencing people?

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Conflict Resolution

Do you face barriers in dealing with difficult people and you want to get better at effectively managing interactions with them?

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Get a Voice & Communication Coach That Specializes in Helping People Advance in Their Careers.

Somatic Voice Coaching is a communication therapy that takes a body-mind-spirit approach to removing roadblocks to success and teaches confident and effective communication. This program is beneficial for all career levels and we can focus on the areas of growth specific to you. For some it's selling and presentation skills, for others it's leadership skills and working with difficult people. Watch this video to learn more now.

Helping You Reach Your Career & Communication Goals

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Rob, Product Manager

I am at a place in my career where I am ready to move into a executive leadership role. In the past I have had challenges in communicating with senior stakeholders and proving my worth. Now I have the skills needed to advance into the role I want.

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Bailey, Account Director

Amy helped me feel more confident in speaking to my clients and handling issues that arise. I'm also becoming a sales wizard and have recently signed 3 new clients to my agency.


Peter, Software Dev

Giving technical demos was stressful before and I was full of nerves. Since starting coaching with Amy I am able to stay calm under pressure and deliver presentations to executive without breaking a sweat.

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I want to advance my career,
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