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A new voice is emerging.  We rise as stewards of our collective past, carrying the stories of our mothers , grandparents and ancestors into a new era of speaking and being heard clearly. As we hone and heal our own voice, we witness how its resonance can ignite effective dialogue and transform the power structures in place with grace and integrity. This is why we are here.


I help individuals to mindfully activate the liminal space between the intention of one’s expression and the ability to articulate with clarity and impact.


One on one coaching for individuals

who  seek  to  clarify  their   thinking and     express    themselves     with 

authenticity,   grace,   and    integrity

In Resonance

(Individual Coaching)

Rise in Resonance

Rise  in  Resonance  is  a systemized program which provides the  physical & dharmic  tools to mindfully activate the    liminal    space    between   the intention of your expression  and the ability  to  articulate   yourself  with clarity and impact. Programs for businesses, yoga teacher trainings, and individuals.

Group & Individual programs

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About Amy...

Our voice is the expression of our spirit. ‘In Resonance’ our voice carries the potency of one’s purpose and lays a foundation for self esteem, understanding, and impact. My mission is to awaken the potential of human voice and empower individuals to articulate the truth of who they are in life, relationship, and work. In a time of  polarized dialogue and “us vs them” thinking, this ability to effectively communicate becomes a pillar for our personal and societal evolution.

As a child I often felt like I didn’t fit in and struggled to express myself in a way that was heard and accepted. This sense of alienation sent me on a life long journey of seeking to understand and express myself fully. What evolved from this 20 year self study was a wholistic understanding of voice and a sense of clarity and steadiness in MY voice. Today I weave together these teachings in ‘Rise in Resonance’ programs (for groups and individuals) with a wholistic approach to voice that integrates discernment, devotion, somatic awareness, expression, deep listening, vocal techniques, and communication skills.


I have gathered over 15 years experience in the arena of voice, music and self development as a recording artist, music producer, yoga trainer and facilitator, and coach. I have curated and facilitated programs both nationally and internationally, written articles for Gaia, collaborated with internationally acclaimed teachers (Janet Stone, Meghan Currie, Ally Bogard), performed at yoga festivals (Wanderlust ,It’s time to Bloom, and Prairie Love) and had my work featured on radio and television. 

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