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Each composition is developed with mantras and prayer woven in together a sonic tapestry for self care, growth, and transformation. The intention, to create a space where the listener can experience and unravel the fullness of their human existence.

"To be in the presence of Amy's musical offering is to receive power and grace directly into the heart. 

Her voice pours in through every cell and seems to awaken awe from the inside out" ~ Janet Stone

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Equipped with a guitar, keyboard, simple drum machine and loop pedal, Amy Thiessen (Sundari Studios) creates trip hop inspired sonic soundscapes filled steeped in devotion and prayer. 

CBC host Russell Bowers wrote that “her performance is an hypnotic blend of words and music that is at once spiritual and fun.”

Thiessen stems from a contemporary folk and pop background, where innovation and originality are the litmus tests of greatness, and her combined backgrounds in music and healing have always been her calling card. In previous projects she is known for beautifully cliché-free original songs that explored spiritual and emotional depths; her ability to wrestle fearlessly and comfortably with her shadows earned her wide acclaim.

Drawing from years of experience as a folk singer and and accomplished yoga teacher, Sundari Studios coalesces these worlds into a one-of-a-kind live music experience – captured also on record – that deftly avoids new age tropes. Her live created soundscapes stand alone in concert transporting audiences and her collaborations with yoga teacher will inspire the body to move into new visceral depths.

Sundari features traditional and original mantras in Sanskrit and English combined with beats; tastefully synthesized atmospheres; organic piano and guitar and pure authentic folk vocals. Each live experience is unique as Sundari draws from the creative element in the space and improvises to the rhythm of movement and breath.

After years of deepening her yoga practice, sharpening her songwriting skills, and establishing herself as a musician and performer, Sundari has found a way to bring music and performance into the yoga practice itself. These performances have been featured with Janet Stone at Wanderlust, It’s time to Bloom, and prairie love festivals. For yoga devotees, it’s a luxurious way to practice, with music transporting them to new mental and spiritual states. For music fans accustomed to tearing it up on the dance floor, it’s a whole new way to move to music, a novel listening experience and a beautiful break from the ordinary.

"Pray" the first record from Sundari Studios is available on itunes and spotify.

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