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Somatic Voice Coaching is a gentle therapy that takes a body-mind-spirit approach to healing from the past and learning to communicate effectively in the present. By creating a safe space to express yourself I am able to help restore proper nervous system responses in the body, which allows you to feel better emotionally and speak honestly.

This personalized coaching is not like regular singing or speech lessons. In Resonance Voice Coaching uses talk therapy, therapeutic practices and emotional connection to help you process and move past the things holding you back emotionally and vocally.

Best of all, each session can be done remotely so I am able to help clients all across the globe!

If you don't have zoom, download it here


I learned that I have this sweet spot inside of me, where my voice resonates from, where body and voice connect.  It happens when I speak with passion and deep honesty.  It has helped me become a better leader in communicating more authentically, specifically when stakes are high, in difficult conversations with people I care about.  I now know when I’m speaking from that place because it literally feels like I’m "speaking from the heart“ 




Amy's sessions empowered me to speak from a place of truth and grounded-ness and confidence rather than just teaching me how to speak louder. She has also helped me to speak up and communicate better in other areas of my life such as my personal and working relationships. I love her holistic approach to the voice and her use of the body and somatic experience to speak - I cannot recommend this approach enough when working with the voice. I would highly recommend sessions with Amy if you speak publicly but also if you just want to improve the way you communicate in your relationships and everyday life.




There was such a deep connection in such a short time that I felt like sister soul connection. Amy saw me and knew exactly how to approach everything to go deep. She knew the moment for me to start singing and I am so grateful we did the previous work before, because it gave it such purpose. It was terrifying for me not only to sing like that but to do it in front of someone! It was super uncomfortable but at the same time I felt so safe and so held. Without Amy, trespassing that threshold would have been impossible. 




Feeling stuck in your expression?

Let me guess...

You're smart, inquisitive, & empathic yet, you feel like you can't actually express yourself the way you want. You second guess yourself, find yourself spinning out on the same conversation, or simply 'freeze' when the moment to express yourself arises.

I get it & I got you.


Through 'In Resonance' personal coaching I will meet you you exactly where you & support you to uncover the vibrant  possibility of your full expression ~ in relationships, in creativity, & in leadership.

​Get clear in your mind & body on who you are & what you want.

Inspire others through intelligent & heart-centred leadership.

This is different than traditional 'voice' lessons. 1:1 Coaching offers a safe space to dive deeper into yourself to find the inner barriers that are holding you back from being your best, most authentic self at work and everywhere else.

  • Where do personal sessions take place?
    Sessions take place online or in person. When you book your appointment here, you will receive a zoom link for our session. I am based between Calgary and Bali, as well as tour internationally. If we are in the same city I would love to work together in person!
  • Where are do your group programs take place?
    Group programs will most often occur in Canada or Bali, with some international programs. ONLINE programs are aviaable to anyone anywhere! These provide a great opportunity to study together and usually coincide with group and indiviudal coaching online.
  • What can I expect in personal coaching?
    Personal coaching is designed around you. My job is to come to understand your values, worldview, and what makes your voice you. Every client is unique. I work with you to find the best methods for clarifying, strengthening, and expressing your voice in relationship to your goals. Methods may include (but are not limited to) - Somatic Experiencing - Mindfulness proactices - Active Listening - Effective Inquiry - Sing/ Chanting - Speaking practices - Vocal techniques - Narrative work - Archetype work - Movement - Creative Expression - Communication skills
  • Are you a singing teacher? Public speaking teacher?
    Yes & no. I help clients navigate their voice in a holistic method that includes vocal technique and is anchored in creating synergies between one's thinking, emotions, and body sensations. When an individual is anchored in these components their expression becomes clear and resonate. By utilizing the whole system in communication & expression client's find more dexterity in their voice, and a greater ability to express themseves whether in speaking or song. If you are drawn to voice in singing, we will work with song and chant. If you are more intereted in public speaking or communciaiton skills we will work towards your goals. Sessions are designed around your unique needs and interests.
  • Do I have to sing?
    Only if you want to! Singing and toning can help bring more deterity to your voice, relax the voice, and offer insight into more embodied conneciton.That said, there are many exercises and methods aroudn teh speaking voice that we can work with if that is your preference. Together we work with practices that meet you where you are and respect the needs of you and your voice.
  • I feel like I'm walking on egg shells with _____________ can you help?
    Yes! The feeling that we are unable to express ourselves in a relationhsip can be very challenging. Together we will work to uncover the truth of your feelings/ needs/ etc, and how to communciate those apporopriately, whether that be verbal, or through action. There is no 'right way' each scenerio is met on a case by case basis. My goal is to ensure we honour your wolrdview and authenticity so that when you begin to communciate yourself more readily it stems from a place of integrity & alignement.
  • Why do you use the term 'Resonance' so often?
    When 2 things resonate it means that they vibrate at the same frequency, this gives the combination greater power or energy. It is my philosophy that when are body, our mind, and our emotions resonate together we have greater impact with our communciation & expression. Resonance, as I use the term, refers to our ability to brings these forces together so that we communciate from a place of truth and clarity.
  • Do you help with communciation in relationships?
    Yes! Absolutley! Communciation in those relationships that are closest to us are often the most difficult. Together we will help clarify your thinking, find effective methods of expression, and ultimately build the capacity to both speak & listen from a grounded and centered place.
  • Is this going to be 'woo woo'?
    Ha ha ha... it might seem that way at times, but no, this is not woo woo The work I do draws from studies in philosophy of mind, business, years in yogic training and facilitation, studies in psychology, training in coaching, and a intense curiosity of self that has taken me thorugh various eastern and western studies. The intention is to meet you where you are, whether they work in a more cirtical linear thinking style, or froma more feeling based place. I will challenge you to expand outside your norm in order to gain new perspective in your ability to communciate but always with respect to your worldview.
  • Do you have scholorships?
    Yes. I realize that the cost of coaching can be a hindrance to those that sometimes need it most. It is important to me that my clients are engaged and demonstrate that they value this work - something that payment provides. I take up to three sessions/ month on a 'pay what you can' basis, for those that demonstrate a commited desire to learn and value coaching through their means. Together, we decide on a figure that demonstrates value, while fully considering the client's financial situation. If you are interested in applying for this scholorship please email here

in Resonance



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through SOUND & SONG

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Come home to your Voice, your Power, your Full Expression

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