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#1 Rise Together in Resonance with Anna Kommes, Speech Pathologist.

Updated: May 2, 2021

** Video is currently being re-edited & will be up again shortly

Welcome to the first 'Rise Together in Resonance' - a place where I chat with experts, artists, writers & more about all things expression.

This week Anna Kommes joins me. Anne is a registered speech pathologist & as been working as a voice & language therapist for over 13 years.

In todays' talk we'll be discussing

~ Vocal hygiene

~ What a speech pathologist is & does

~ Interesting (yogic like) connection of voice in the body

~ Some common challenges in voice

~ How voice helps us express our identity.

I'm excited to be launching this new forum for discussion with some excellent speakers to come.

Hope you enjoy!

~ A

If you would like to learn more about Anna or her work you can go to...

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John Abraham
John Abraham
26 de fev.

Such an interesting and necessary conversation! Anna Kommes expertise as a speech pathologist is sure to shed light on the intricacies of vocal hygiene and the yogic connection of voice in the body. Real Estate Consultancy services in Stuart FL

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