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#13 Music is Medicine: Let it Be, Mantra Medley (Kali Jai, Jai Ambe, Jai Ma)

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Theme: Songs to the Mother

Songs: Let it Be, Mantra Medley (Kali Jai, Jai Ambe, Jai Ma)

Date: July 27

Music is Medicine Week #13

Every Monday at 7pm MDT on Facebook Live

A big thank you to all the wonderful crew in the RIR program that finite this week. It has been an incredible journey and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you all. If you would like information on the next program starting in the fall please comment below.

Much if not all of my work is based on the idea that it is through connection - connection to ourself, connection to our humanity, and connection to others at their humanity that we can learn to rise together - to lift each other up, to dialogue, to learn and to grow.

The songs today are to that. That we may find the strength, the courage, and the deep and abiding love and compassion that teaches us to speak, to listen, and to grow.

Thank you as always for sharing this journey with me.

Much love



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