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#19 Music is Medicine: Kali Jai / Jai Ma (Loop Pedal)

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Theme: Courage to Communicate

Song: Kali Jai / Jai Ma

Aired: September 21, 2020

Music is Medicine Week #19

Every Monday at 7pm MDT

(music starts around 8:15)

Hello sweet crew,

I had an incredible weekend playing for the Prairie Love festival & was inspired for todays session. Today I want to share with you a mantra I first learned in 2009 from a woman named Jyoti during a ceremony in Peru. It feels so fitting for today & for this time. A mantra to support us from destruction into courage & possibility. Then some ‘Jai Ma’ melody inspired by Janet Stone & Sita Devi.

The theme this week is Courage - particularly the courage to speak.

I know how hard it can be to speak up, ask for what we need, or be clear in our boundaries or communication. Yet, when we find the courage to speak up not for anyones approval but for our own self recognition & respect we integrate a sense of self worth and open ourselves into possibilities we wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

In this week’s blog The Courage to Speak I explore how we can cultivate the skills to confidently speak our truth.

As always thank you for listening! I love all shares & comments.

Much love all xo Amy

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