# 21 Music is Medicine: A Story of Creation & the (original) "May I"

Theme: The Creative Voice Song: Soundscape Story & May I (Original Song) Aired: October 5th, 2020 Music is Medicine Week #21 Every Monday at 7pm MDT

Hello sweet crew!

l day as the Rise is Resonance program is underway! So excited to share this program with an incredible group of people from around the globe!!

Today as the spark of my own creative endeavour is underway I want to share a little about creative voice & hopefully to spark yours. Today I am sharing with you a soundscaped story of creation from the Vedic Tradition- a story of Saraswati the goddess of wisdom, music, & art. In it we learn how we can bring harmony to the sometimes chaotic nature of creativity in our own lives. Then in my blog I have shared 5 Steps to Awaken Your Creative Voice. As your might have guessed I believe that every voice has a creative spark & offering. My hope is to inspire yours so that I might someday hear it shared it back to me :)

Here’s the Link: https://www.amythiessen.com/post/5-steps-to-awaken-your-creative-voice

Thank you as always for your attention & comments. I so profoundly love this work & to share it with you. If you want to learn more about what I do or about possible working together please DM me or follow the link below. Much love always xo Amy

www.amytheissen.com Book a free consult: https://inresonance.as.me/schedule.php…

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