3 Surprising Ways to Come Home to a Tender Heart & Clear Mind.

Updated: Apr 20

I woke up this morning feeling insecure, nervous, & quite frankly bitchy. I tried to brush it off & get on with my morning but it was relentless. I couldn’t concentrate on the paper I was writing & found myself obsessively reaching for my phone.

I pulled out all my go to techniques ~ set an alarm & work for one hour, took deep physiological sighs (amazing for grounding the nervous system) but nothing stuck. My mind was spinning & the awful critical inner voices were strong.

Anyone else feeling this lately?

It happens to the best of us. If you are an empathic heart-centred being you might even remind yourself to be compassionate ~ with yourself, with others, & even know to take a step back from what you're doing to 'clear your head.'

But... you might also find that this doesn't always work. I know this morning I couldn't shake it. I was locked on "do" & even if I had a moment of reprieve from breathing or rest that irritability came right back. That's when I turned to some of the less obvious techniques which I'd like to share with you.

3 Surprising ways to get out of the funk & back into yourself.

#1 Get Angry.

What angry?!! Yup.

Often when we feel irritable or bitchy it’s because there is anger / frustration festering beneath the surface. Those good intentions to try & be more compassionate or just 'let it go' can up push our anger down. Instead of discharging it sticks around as passive aggressive behaviour, irritability, & anxiety.

Healthy anger, that which is respected (not thoughtlessly discharged at another) is a powerful thing. It gives us energy, creates agency, & motivates transformation. The key is to approach it in a healthy way.

Try it.

Go somewhere alone with a journal.

Start with the prompt: I’m angry/frustrated/annoyed that…..

Then write it all out. yes ALL of it. Every little nit-picky, bitchy, judgey thing that comes to mind. Remember this isn't for anyone but you. A place to let out anything that's bothering you & perhaps by doing so get a little closer to the root of the problem.

Once you feel complete notice how you feel in your body.

Now gently ask yourself what else you might be feeling?

~ hurt?

~ sadness?

~ scared?

Sometimes there is more to our anger. You might feel sad, disappointed, or hurt. Other times the anger clarifies into a knowing or boundary. Ask what is true for you?

~ Do you need to set a boundary?

~ Grieve a loss?

~ Give yourself space?

~ Something else?