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#37 'Hello & Dreams (Covers)'

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Theme: Saying Sorry for what is Yours w/o Feeling guilty for what is not

Song: Hello & Dreams

Aired: February 22nd, 2021

Music is Medicine Week #37

Every Monday at 7pm MDT

(Song begins at 1:55)

Hello Crew!

So happy to be here again this Monday! Today’s topic touches on some of the big lessons I’ve come to terms within my life ~ How & when to say I’m Sorry. As a Canadian, it’s admittedly a bit of a default, but the depth of this topic has actually been pretty powerful. I’ve spent many years learning how to take ownership (& apologize) when I make a mistake & (at times more challenging) how to not take ownership when something isn’t mine.

To introduce this topic I’ll be playing two covers I love; Hello by Adele & Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Then I’ll chat more about this week’s blog: "I’m Sorry" When to Say it, How to Say it, & When to Use A Different Approach.

As always, if any of this sparks your curiosity & you want to chat more about the communications I do with ‘In Resonance’ please reach out & book a free consult. If it’s the right fit awesome, & if not I am more then happy to point you in the right direction if I can.

Much love & huge hugs Xo Amy

About the Author, Amy Thiessen is a coach, writer, & musician who focuses on helping others find & express their voice with resonance. Her unique approach works with the wholistic mechanism of voice utilizing somatic awareness, psychology, mindfulness, spiritual practice, & vocal techniques of toning & song.

Want help to overcome & understand your perfectionist tendencies? Book a free consultation to see if In Resonance Coaching is right for you.

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Amy, your Monday posts are becoming a highlight for me! Discussing the art of saying sorry is so important and your willingness to share personal lessons adds depth and authenticity. Interior and Exterior Painting Services in Port Sulphur LA

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