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#38 'Jai Shiva'

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Theme: Turning Your Sensitivity into your Strength

Song: Jai Shiva

Aired: March 1st, 2021

Music is Medicine Week #38

Every Monday at 7pm MDT

(Song begins at 3:00)

Hello Sweet Crew!

Stoked to be here & today & to talk about a topic that comes up so often in my work; being ‘too sensitive.’ First of all, let me say that sensitivity is one of the most powerful gifts we have. When we learn to hone this gift it actually helps us to show up with more confidence, clarity, & even communicate with more impact.

I chose this week’s mantra ‘Jai Shiva’ because in the Vedic tradition Shiva is like the personification of consciousness itself ~ steady, ever present, ever calm. When we sing to Shiva we are asking to see past the illusions ~ including those illusions of self-doubt, blame, or a sense of unworthiness. This seems fitting in the transformation of our sensitivity into strength. ( *If you would like to play along the chords are Fm & Eb)

You can find this week’s blog here:

And as always, if you have questions, concerns, or want to talk with me about cultivating your own skills in sensitivity please reach out, DM me, or book a free consult (link below). As a sensitive type myself (I cried twice watching Schitt’s Creek this week) I would be happy to talk & see I can support you.

Much love & huge hugs Xo Amy

About the Author, Amy Thiessen is a coach, writer, & musician who focuses on helping others find & express their voice with resonance. Her unique approach works with the wholistic mechanism of voice utilizing somatic awareness, psychology, mindfulness, spiritual practice, & vocal techniques of toning & song.

Want help to overcome & understand your perfectionist tendencies? Book a free consultation to see if In Resonance Coaching is right for you.

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John Abraham
John Abraham

Amy your insights on sensitivity really resonated with me. Your song is a beautiful mantra choice and your connection to Shiva qualities of consciousness is enlightening. Best Retaining Wall Construction Services in Camarillo

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