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#43 'Love is my Religion (Cover)'

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Theme: Clear the Air & build Stronger Relationships with These 8 Tips

Song: Love is my Religion (Cover)

Aired: April 5th, 2021

Music is Medicine Week #43

Every Monday at 7pm MDT

(Song begins at 2:37)

Welcome back!

Today I wanted to bring a little levity & a little joy. Things have been a bit heavy, the pandemic is dragging, & I know a lot of people are feeling frustrated. So today I want to start with a very uplifting (&very fun) song ‘Love is my Religion’

Then we will have a frank look at the challenges of this pandemic in relationships & how we, as caring, considerate, strong, brilliant (yes all you) can clear the air & come together. It’s sticky sometimes, survival modes can be high, but I think we could all use & little connection, compassion, & forgiveness.

‘Clear the Air & Build Stronger Relationships with these 8 Tips’

We will get through this together! I love you, I miss you, I miss hugs. And I promise once this is over - or the weather is clear & we can gather outdoors I will put on a big concert where we can sing & feel each other again!

Until then… please connect, comment, share this post.

And if you are interested in the Embodied Voice (aka Connect Your Body/Confidence/& joy of voice course) please DM me your email or reach out.

Until next week, be kind to each other, hug those you can, & sing!



About the Author, Amy Thiessen is a coach, writer, & musician who focuses on helping others find & express their voice with resonance. Her unique approach works with the wholistic mechanism of voice utilizing somatic awareness, psychology, mindfulness, spiritual practice, & vocal techniques of toning & song.

Want help to overcome & understand your perfectionist tendencies? Book a free consultation to see if In Resonance Coaching is right for you.

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Your commitment to bringing joy and connection during these challenging times is truly commendable. The way you acknowledge the difficulties of the pandemic in relationships is heartwarming. Basement Remodeling Services in Joliet IL

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