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#56 'True Colours & Lovers in a Dangerous Time (Covers)'

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Theme: Impulse of Desire

Song: True Colours & Lovers in a Dangerous Time (Covers)

Aired: August 23rd, 2021

Music is Medicine Week #56

Every Monday at 7pm MDT

(Song begins at 3:04)

Sweet Crew,

Here, in this moment what is it that makes you so beautifully you? This week I look at the impulse of desire - those elements that light us up individually & make us who we are. Let this week I’ll sharing a blog with some practices to re-ignite these impulse of purpose & play but for now, I want to kick off the week with two old school(ish) songs.

True Colours (Cyndi Lauper) & Lovers in a Dangerous Time (Bruce Cockburn) are the two songs I share this week. Both expressing what I believe so fully ~ that each of us carries a unique presence & light in this world & that even in darkness & confusion we can choose love.

How do you offer love in times of confusion?

What unique (maybe quirky) things bring you joy?

Bless, Amy

P.S. I’ll be back Wednesday on FB Live (1pm) to discuss practices we can do to re-ignite our passion, purpose, & play.

About the Author, Amy Thiessen is a coach, writer, & musician who focuses on helping others find & express their voice with resonance. Her unique approach works with the wholistic mechanism of voice utilizing somatic awareness, psychology, mindfulness, spiritual practice, & vocal techniques of toning & song.

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