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A Simple Toning Practice for Connecting to & Embodying Your Voice

What is an embodied voice?

An embodied voice is a voice that is connected to our body, our sensation, & our intentions. In any interaction there is always a tone in our body which is reflected in our voice. When we are disconnected from our body, stuck in our heads, or overly concerned with how someone’ will respond our voice will often show it; becoming thinner, higher, or more nasal. On the other hand, when speak from a sense of deep passion, one that vibrates in our bones, our voice is often full & dynamic.

Embodying our voice is a journey of reclamation. As we express the vulnerable, the strong, the fierce aspects of ourself we may uncover blocks of self worth, a triggered nervous system, or hear old voices of judgement ("You shouldn't express anger", "You should be seen & not heard", Who are you to sing?").

Thus, to Embody Our Voice is to heal & reclaim those aspects of self that have been forgotten & remember & celebrate the full & dynamic expression of who we are.

As you become more comfortable in expressing through a felt sense you will likely find that this skill supports all forms of communication ~ from sharing a personal or heart felt experience, to leading with confidence & inspiration, to even feeling more comfort & joy in singing.

The following is a simple practice you can do any time to help you feel more embodied & connected to your voice.

What you’ll need.

~ Space & Time: A place free from distraction for 15-20 minutes

~ A journal

~ (Optional) A method for listening to music (You can Download the Support MP3 Here)

The Practice

1) Set the Space: Clear the space & turn off any distractions

2) Intention: Set an intention for the practice.

An example might be:

I offer this practice for that which is of greatest service, love, and kindness, to myself, to my community, and to the world as a whole. I invite and allow the wisdom of this body, this moment, & spirit to move through & trust that however this practice arises it is perfect as it is.

3) Address Concerns & Declare Your Worth

* This section of the practice may take a little more time in the beginning but as you continue practicing these new narrative will begin to take hold.

With you journal take a few minutes to write down any of your concerns around toning or singing. Be honest & gentle with yourself as you admit & permit these to be present.

After writing down your concerns re-write each statement in a positive self affirming form & declare this new statement out loud. For example:

“I am a terrible singer” may become:

“I am willing to sing & express in any form that arises”


“I need to sound pretty” might become

“I allow the full abandon & freedom of my voice & appreciate all it’s forms & sounds”


“Only people who can sing should sing” might become

“Singing is a birthright, every body deserves the freedom to enjoy & experience their voice including me!”

4) Three Part Breaths: You can do this practice seated or lying on your back. As you move through take 3-5 breath per step.

  1. Become aware of your natural breath

  2. Gently focus on expanding the belly/ diaphragm on the inhale. Exhale

  3. Inhale expand belly/ diaphragm & continue to expand the rids to the sides & back. Exhale.

  4. Inhale first into belly, then ribs, then add a little more breath with a subtle lift in the clavicle. As you exhale notice the clavicle drop, then the ribs draw in, & finally the belly pull in.

  5. Repeat step 4 for 10+ breaths.

5) Sigh through the body: For each of the following sigh 3-5 times noticing both the sound of your voice & where you feel it in your body.

  1. Place your hand gently on your belly & sigh from the belly

  2. Place your hand gently on your heart & sigh from the heart

  3. Place your hand gently on your throat & sigh from the throat

  4. Place your hand gently on your forehead & sigh from the forehead

6) Tone through your body: You can do this in silence or with a drone (link here). This time as you ‘sigh’ gently draw in the belly & create a long tone with the sound ahhhhhhh. Tone 3 times focusing on each part listed below & pay attention to both the sound of your voice & what it feels like in your body

  1. Place your hand gently on your belly & tone from the belly

  2. Place your hand gently on your heart & tone from the heart

  3. Place your hand gently on your throat & tone from the throat

  4. Place your hand gently on your forehead & tone from the forehead

7) Take it into life: As you go through day notice where you feel your voice when you are speaking in various situations.

Expand on the practice by intentionally speaking from your belly or heart & notice any changes in the way you speak or how you are received.


As you become more acquainted at mapping your voice through your body you will find that this practice not only changes the tone of your voice but can have radical positive effects on your mind. For example, if you find you are nervous, intentionally speaking from the belly will often help you feel more grounded, slow down your speech, & calm your mind. Whether singing or speaking this ability to map through the body will help you convey the intention of your message with impact!

About the Author: Amy Thiessen is a coach, writer, & musician who focuses on helping women connect to their confidence, purpose, & self esteem through voice & communication. Offering a holistic approach Amy helps individuals uncover & overcome their unique blocks around voice & communication, connect to their self esteem & purpose, & ultimately express themselves in a way that is empowered & impactful.

Want More?

Mapping our voice through the body is a powerful method for feeling more at ease inner body & our voice. That said sometimes we might need some support, someone to help us meet those places where we can’t seem to connect or support us as we move through an emotional process. If you would like to deepen your experience & sense of connection to your voice I would be happy to help! You can schedule a free consult (no strings) & hear more about the In Resonance “Embodied Voice’ Program which launches next week. I would love to hear from you.

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