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Everything You Need to Know About Embodied Voice.

What is the Embodied Voice Program? Where did it come from? What benefits does it offer?

The Embodied Voice program synthesizes over 15 years as a facilitator, yoga teacher, recording artist and in-depth studies of somatic experiencing & psychology.

It holds the missing link between the expression of voice (e.g. speaking a boundary, singing freely) & the physical comfort to do so.

For example…

Maybe you know what you ‘should’ say… but as soon as you consider doing it you tense of & feel anxious.


Perhaps you love the idea of singing but when you get the chance to sing in a group you spend the whole time worrying what others think.


You can see things clearly & logically but you feel like you are disconnected when you try to express the other pieces of yourself like your needs, desires, or emotions.

Basically, this program is for anyone who a) desires more comfort & connection in their body & voice & b) is open to exploring voice through the lens of the nervous system, spirituality, & embodiment.

What Makes this Program Unique?

The Embodied Voice program is unique because it synthesizes various modalities that are proven to create more harmony in the body, regulate the nervous system, support emotional processing, & develop the voice itself.

The program uses principles of somatic experiencing developed by trauma pioneer Dr. Peter Levine. His body centred approach helps individuals process & resolve trauma that has been held in the body. It is also highly effective at supporting individuals to process & move beyond conditioning that has limited their ability to express themselves.

Singing & toning are another key part of the embodied voice program . Singing has proven medical medical benefits and provides an effective outlet for process and moving emotions or experiences that are difficult to articulate. It also offers a method through which you can connect to your voice in a more embodied way & learn how to use this awareness to deepen the resonance & intentionality of your spoken communication.

Finally, & perhaps most potently ,the program is designed to optimize support by keeping group sizes small & providing 1:1 support. As many of the people who enter this program are empaths or sensitive, I find one on one approach incredibly helpful to meet each participant where they are at and support them in their process and journey.


If you benefit from gentle yet steady support.

Desire to feel more comfortable in you body so you can express yourself more fully.

Or… simply want to discover the power of your voice.

The Embodied Voice Program is the right place.

Book a call with me & let’s see how Embodied Voice can work for you.

About the Author Amy Thiessen is a coach, writer, & musician who focuses on helping others find & express a their voice with resonance. Her unique approach works with the wholistic mechanism of voice utilizing somatic awareness, psychology, mindfulness, spiritual practice, & vocal techniques of toning & song.

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John Abraham
John Abraham
Dec 19, 2023

Her understanding of somatic experiencing and the nervous system is evident in this program creating a safe space for individuals to process and move beyond their limitations. Shop CBD Weed in Sarasota FL

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