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Impulse of Desire: 3 Simple Exercises to Return to Your Play, Passion, & Purpose!

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

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Impulse of Desire.

What does desire feel like in your body?

What about the deep & resounding feeling of satisfaction when you acknowledge your growth?

Desire is layered ~an innate impulse excavated through engagement, play & practice revealing layers of our passion & purpose in it’s wake.

A challenge often found in uncovering (& engaging with) our desire is expectation. We want it to look a certain way, meet our fantasy, or be the same as it was before. Yet, as we evolve so too our desire matures.

It’s not always possible to land in a sense of magic in the moment. There are times when these bodies, hearts, & minds need space to grieve, to rest, or to simply be. When forced this desire for pursuit can feel empty or desperate. Yet attending to these needs of our spirit will also in time nurture the spark of our desire. As we engage, open & earnest it's the small steps that lead us forward.

Play opens window into enjoyment & curiosity

Curiosity grows into Passion

Passion reveals Purpose woven into our lives

Passion grows through our engagement & commitment

Purpose lives in the actions of our lives.

This blog outlines three exercises I love & live by. My hope is the they may open (or re-open) a door to the magic that has always lived inside of you.

And… if all that comes is a glimmer of the possibility… that perhaps this magic might be there… let this be enough.

As Leonard Cohen so aptly says “There is a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in”

Ignite Play

What is play? Play is do something simply for the joy in it. It’s not about external goals or achievements but an act for the journey itself.

Again & again clients come to me asking how they can bring more enjoyment to their life. Perhaps they’re developing their relationship with themselves or want to remember the things they enjoy after spending years doing for others. This is for you.

Practice: 5 Lives & a Date

(Adapted from Julia Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artist’s Way’)

Step One: Create a list of 5 Imaginary Lives that make you fell excited, curious or inspired. These need not be realistic or possible in any way… they simply need to light an interest or excitement. these could be from today or things you imagined doing as a kid.

Step Two: Make it Tangible. After each of these imaginary lives think of some doable activity that would be in the same vein. Want to be fashion designer? Go thrift shopping. An Astronaut? Maybe start having or a trip to an observatory. A famous singer? Hit an open mic night.

Step Three: DO IT! This is the most important step! Play & passion don’t live in the mind they live in the body. It’s by trying on different experiences that we find that excitement again. Pick something possible, make a date for yourself (or you & a friend) & go do it.

Ignite Passion

Passion is so deeply personal. What lights you us is yours & your alone.

And… passion might evolve from what you think it is (or think it 'should' be) to what it really is...

I remember years ago playing a gig with the great Ben E. King. Singing on stage with this legend was definitely an amazing moment but the most profound part of that day was actually a deep & revelatory conversation with a friend. Years later it become clear to me that music & performing was important but that my real passion was is service of connection to ourselves & eachother. Recognizing & admitting that helped to shift my work into something I am personally deeply passionate about.

If you feel like passion has been lost or trying to fit yourself into what you ‘think’ passion should be ~ the following practice is for you. Grab a pen & paper. Go slow & feel into it.

Question 1: Think of the last moment where you felt really connected or passionate. Notice what that felt like in your body. What were the elements of that situations that brought on the spark? Feel into it. Get specific.

Question 2: What do you love to talk about? Think of conversations that really got you going. What were these conversations about? Are there any common themes

Question 3: What do you love to teach or learn about? Notice the texture of how this feels in your body. Feel into whether it’s the content you are teaching/learning or the teaching/learning itself.

Practice 4: Engage with Passion.

What happens when instead of ‘looking for your passion’ you bring your passion? Any task from grocery shopping, to work, to hanging with friends could be a source of passion. Often by simply engaging with openness, a willingness to learn, & removing our expectations we discover passion & joy in the simple & exquisite moments on life.

Ignite Purpose.

Purpose is powerful. When we feel connected to a purpose our actions become less intwined with how things look on the outside & more in resonant with the truth in our hearts. By connecting to purpose even those inevitably mundane aspects fo our work can be inspired.

Years ago at Ted X Shari D. Wilson said something I will never forget… “Be in service of your purpose." She went on to explain what she meant. That sometimes this means we have a day job, a side hustle, or engage in other ways that allow us to be in service. We still need to pay bills, to take care of our families, & be in our communities. These commitment afford us the time to work on those things that matter most.

When we have purpose we have fuel.

If you sense a calling, have a dream, or are working in proximity to your purpose this practice is for you. Remember your ‘purpose’ doesn’t have to be perfectly defined it’s through engagement that it usually reveals itself.

I personally love this practice when work feels like a slog or I’m getting caught in self doubt.

Practice: Diving Deeeeeeep into Why

Inspired from Marie Forleo’s book ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ a book I highly recommend to anyone pursuing their dreams. As you go through these questions let yourself dig in. Get deep & specific. Feel into your body & note when you feel connected, expanse, tender, or inspired.

Question 1: Why is this work/ dream/ way of being important to you?

  • What is the good that you do?

  • Why do you believe?

  • Why does it matter?

Questions 2: How will people in your immediate sphere be positively effected by your success?

  • What are you demonstrating through your commitment to this work?

  • What might others learn from you implicitly or explicitly?

  • Why does this matter?

Questions 3: How does/ will your commitment to this work support others or society as a whole?

  • How are other directly impacted by your work?

  • How might this experience effect their lives?

Questions 4: How does this dream/work support your greater vision for the benefit of your life or the world around you.

  • What do you envision for your life or your world?

  • How can your work contribute to this?

Questions 5: How can you support this purpose in your life right now

  • What tangible actions can you take right now to support this purpose?

  • Do them!

We all have impulses of desire... & sometimes they get buried. Exploration, play, & tuning into those joyful moments can teach us so much about what we love & desire. The beauty is that this is yours to discover. And as you do you may find that your passion, play, & purpose are already being lived through you.

Please comment below on how you re-ignite passion. play, or purpose in your life?

About the Author

Amy Thiessen is an international teacher, coach, & musician who focuses on helping individuals connect to their confidence, purpose, & self esteem through voice & communication. Offering a holistic approach Amy helps individuals uncover & overcome their unique blocks around voice & communication, connect to their self esteem & purpose, & ultimately express themselves in a way that is empowered & impactful.

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