Impulse of Desire: 3 Simple Exercises to Return to Your Play, Passion, & Purpose!

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

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Impulse of Desire.

What does desire feel like in your body?

What about the deep & resounding feeling of satisfaction when you acknowledge your growth?

Desire is layered ~an innate impulse excavated through engagement, play & practice revealing layers of our passion & purpose in it’s wake.

A challenge often found in uncovering (& engaging with) our desire is expectation. We want it to look a certain way, meet our fantasy, or be the same as it was before. Yet, as we evolve so too our desire matures.

It’s not always possible to land in a sense of magic in the moment. There are times when these bodies, hearts, & minds need space to grieve, to rest, or to simply be. When forced this desire for pursuit can feel empty or desperate. Yet attending to these needs of our spirit will also in time nurture the spark of our desire. As we engage, open & earnest it's the small steps that lead us forward.

Play opens window into enjoyment & curiosity

Curiosity grows into Passion

Passion reveals Purpose woven into our lives

Passion grows through our engagement & commitment

Purpose lives in the actions of our lives.

This blog outlines three exercises I love & live by. My hope is the they may open (or re-open) a door to the magic that has always lived inside of you.

And… if all that comes is a glimmer of the possibility… that perhaps this magic might be there… let this be enough.

As Leonard Cohen so aptly says “There is a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in”

Ignite Play

What is play? Play is do something simply for the joy in it. It’s not about external goals or achievements but an act for the journey itself.

Again & again clients come to me asking how they can bring more enjoyment to their life. Perhaps they’re developing their relationship with themselves or want to remember the things they enjoy after spending years doing for others. This is for you.

Practice: 5 Lives & a Date

(Adapted from Julia Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artist’s Way’)

Step One: Create a list of 5 Imaginary Lives that make you fell excited, curious or inspired. These need not be realistic or possible in any way… they simply need to light an interest or excitement. these could be from today or things you imagined doing as a kid.

Step Two: Make it Tangible. After each of these imaginary lives think of some doable activity that would be in the same vein. Want to be fashion designer? Go thrift shopping. An Astronaut?