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MIM #63: 'May I' an Invitation to Sing into the New Year.

I've written many songs... yet I return to this one often. It began in a meditation where I saw this ancient women singing beneath a great wide willow. My sense in that moment was that this was the song of creation & that if I listened deeply & practiced I could sing live in tune with this song. About a year later the lyrics came in ceremony with a dear friend.

I would love if you would sing the chorus with me

May I be humble May I serve May I fall in love with this body & this earth

May I be humble May I serve May I follow love.

How do you feel when you sing? I'd love to learn about your process, your joys, your struggles around singing.

Please comment below or send me an email & tell me what connects you or separates you from your connection to voice?

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1 Comment

This song resonates so deeply with me. The imagery of an ancient woman singing beneath a willow is enchanting and the lyrics are profound. Your ability to capture the essence of creation in a song is truly remarkable. Car Repair Services Experts in Indianapolis IN

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