MIM #63: 'May I' an Invitation to Sing into the New Year.

I've written many songs... yet I return to this one often. It began in a meditation where I saw this ancient women singing beneath a great wide willow. My sense in that moment was that this was the song of creation & that if I listened deeply & practiced I could sing live in tune with this song. About a year later the lyrics came in ceremony with a dear friend.

I would love if you would sing the chorus with me

May I be humble May I serve May I fall in love with this body & this earth

May I be humble May I serve May I follow love.

How do you feel when you sing? I'd love to learn about your process, your joys, your struggles around singing.

Please comment below or send me an email me@amythiessen.com & tell me what connects you or separates you from your connection to voice?

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