#6 Music is Medicine Monday: Learning to Listen, Stand by me, Jaya Ganesha

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Music is Medicine Week #6

Every Monday at 7pm MDT


My music medicine this week: "I Rise" by Beautiful Chorus



This week's theme is 'Learning to Listen'


Listening can be vulnerable. In order to listen we need to be humble and step into conversations that are uncomfortable and awkward.Yet I truly believe that we when we listen, when we truly seek to understand, that we stand on the grounds of meaningful transformation


In my blog 'Be a good listener: 5 keys challenges to listening and how we over come them' I explore what it means to be a good listener here


Today's songs include:

Stand by me by the great Ben E. King


Jai Shiva

Jai shiva Shankara Bom Bom Hara Hara X 2

Hara Hara Har Hara Bom Bom Hara HaraX 2


Thank you for listening, commenting, sharing, messaging. I LOVE hearing from you!


If you would like to learn more about my work & programs please go towww.amythiessen.com

If you would like to hear more of my music please check out 'Sundari Studios" on itunes or spotify


Also thank you to everyone sharing their stories and information at this time. If there is something you think I may benefit from reading or hearing please let me know. I will continue to study and learn as I can, my current focus is on the work of Layla F Saad, and Ivirlei Brookes.


Much love


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