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Race, Trauma, & Healing Bodies of Color with Dr Renaya Furtick Wheelan

In this episode I talk to Dr Renaya Furtick Wheelan about her work with incarcerated women in Philadelphia, the implications of trauma & racial discrimination in society, & the upcoming ‘Healing Bodies of Color (Virtual) Trauma Summit. Dr. Furtick Wheelan offers insight into the necessity & power of love as a guiding focus. In systems that often perpetuate traumatic experiences & disconnection Dr Wheelan seeks to support women with love & dignity. Her experience & stories offer insight into the very real implications of trauma & the ways in which racial trauma impacts bodies of colour.

On a personal note, this interview with Dr Wheelan (or Dr Renaya as she had me call her) was a true pleasure. Her capacity to hold strength, love, & humility simultaneously is a testament to how we can truly enact powerful & meaningful change.

If you would like to deepen your understanding of these issues I highly encourage you to attend...

The First Annual ‘Healing Bodies of Color Trauma Summit’ Sep 29 -Oct 1, 2021

The three-day summit will bring together doctors, lawyers, authors, musicians, clinicians, practitioners, students, athletes, and others who have gone through challenging situations and are healing and or have healed and are now willing to share their

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I had the privilege of listening to this interview with Dr. Renaya Furtick Wheelan and it was a truly enlightening experience. Her commitment to bringing about meaningful change by addressing trauma with love is admirable. Long Distance Moving Services in Aurora IL

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