Rise in Resonance

Programs for groups and Yoga Trainings

Rise In Resonance provides the physical and dharmic tools to mindfully activate the liminal space between the intention of one’s expression and the ability to articulate with clarity and impact.

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Rise in Resonance:

A Program to Awaken Voice, Deep Listening, & Purpose

RIR works to refine your voice and all of its interconnecting parts- thought, feeling, and intention- through practices rooted in yoga, somatic awareness, western psychology and devotional practices so you can communicate with clarity and impact.  RIR is designed for all of those whose voices have been stifled by history, circumstance, trauma, and misuse and is presented in as an online coaching platform as well as an in-person immersion for yoga teachers and practitioners.

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The  Triad   of   Resonance

The Philosophy...

The Triad of Resonance is a method for systematically revealing the authenticity and impact of one's voice and is the cornerstone fo the 'Rise in Resonance' Program. It combines deep listening and self awareness, with techniques for strengthening the power of one's voice and communication skills.



When we ATTEND to Self we become present to all the voices that exist within us. Here we are able to observe and explore those places that have become fragmented and those that reside in resonance.  Deep listening is cultivated as our unbiased attention meets each voice, feeling, and thought. Through this gentle yet firm observance we begin to recognize our emotions, motivations, and cognitive patterns. 



When we ATTUNE we open ourselves into the realm of possibility. Here the various components of voice; inner, somatic, emotional, and expressive are integrated and tuned. Deep listening provides a forum for radical self expansion and various practices hone a foundation for self confidence and clarity in expression.



To ARTICULATE in Resonance is to fluently express one’s whole being through all elements of voice; through discernment, inner connection, somatic sensation, voice, wording, imprint, and  presence. Out VOICE is in everything we do, and the we articulate in RESONANCE our voice carries the vibration of our soul

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Modules & Workshops

R.I.R.  YTT modules  and workshops  utilize 

the “Triad of Resonance" incorporating Jnana, Bhakti,  and contemporary practices to help students awaken into multidimensional instrument of their voice. Teachers and practitioners learn the skills to communicate with more resonance and how their voice can be used as a gateway for self knowledge, reflection, and love. 

Are you an Individual who wants to develop greater Resonance?

Group & Corporate

Workshops & Team Building

This non-secular approach focuses on effective dialogue, clear communication, team building and public speaking. Our ability to communicate with each other is foundational in the growth and evolution of business, ideas, and society. This course offers an opportunity for groups to come to understand each other and helps individuals develop the skills to traverse collaboration, conflict, and connection within the group dynamic.

Free 20-minute


Want to learn how 'In Resonance' coaching and R.I.R Programs can support you? Schedule a free consultation today! I look forward to hearing from you.

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