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'Rise in Resonance' Program Options

'Claim Your Voice' Workshop

'Resonate' Concert/Kirtan

'Rhythm & Rise' Collaboration

Rise in Resonance (8hr or 15hr Programs)

Rise In Resonance provides the physical and dharmic tools to mindfully activate the liminal space between the intention of one’s expression and the ability to articulate with clarity and impact. This program is developed for yoga practitioners and leaders to build and sustain confidence in their unique voice and enable them to express themselves effectively.

This program is available in two options; immersion (15hr) and Intro (8hr) and is conducive to 300YTT and 200YTT respectively. Program are also help independently of YTT's and can be used for YACEP.


Claim Your Voice (3hr Workshop)

The Voice is an instruments of our spirit. ‘In Resonance’ our voice is a vessel for transformation, manifestation, understanding, and self esteem. Yet, many of us struggle to express ourselves in a way where we feel authentic and heard. This workshop explores the multiple dimensions of voice and gives participants a greater understanding of their unique voice and how they can build the skills and confidence to communicate with more clarity, confidence, and resonance. 


Resonate (2hr Concert/Kirtan)

Join Amy Thiessen for a inspirational evening of sound, song, and devotion.  Equipped with a loop pedal, guitar, and drum machine, Amy (aka Sundari Studios) will guide you through an evening of hypnotic soundscapes, communal songs, and a joyful a celebration of spirit, story, and voice.

All voices (yes even you…) welcome.


Rate: Contact for more information


Rhythm & Rise (2.5hr Live Music Class and Kirtan)

During this class Amy will work alongside a studio to teacher to create a one of a kind live music event.  


Unravel your body in dynamic asana while pulsing to the hypnotic rhythms of breath, beats, and mantra. Then gather together and raise your voice in a raw expression of heart, community, and soul. 


Workshop includes

  • Short talk

  • Meditation

  • Live music

  • Dynamic asana

  • Toning, singing, and mantra

  • All voices and practice levels welcome


Rate: Contact for more information

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