Rise in Resonance

Our voice is a vehicle for our soul, our message, our unique imprint in the world. In every interaction there is the possibility to express our self from a place of integrity, grace, & resonance. 

Do you want to Awaken the Gift of Your Voice?




Is this the program to help You find Your voice?


Feel like you don't know where to start? With so much information (or too little) on how to express yourself you feel stuck on how & where to begin.


Information presented in an organized yet fluid way which allows you to meet yourself exactly as you are. Along with a supportive community and individualized support from an experianced mentor.


You feel something inside of you that longs to be expressed and you need tangible guidance that can help you bring this expression forward


Experienced guidance, warmth, & tangible techniques designed to help you clarify the inside of you while also providing a safe & respectful environment where you can practice & refine your skill in expressing it.


You feel shy about sharing your voice, either in singing or speaking.


Sharing your voice can be hard! In addition to a safe & respectful environment, this program will encourage you to share your voice in a way that both challenges you and respects your limits. 


You feel physically uncomfortable when you sing or speak in certain situations. This may include tightness in the throat, or tension in your neck & shoulders.


Learn the foundational physiology of voice and techniques to support vocal health at the physical, mental, & emotional levels.


You have been drawn to the power of mantra & sound and want to learn how to work with these modalities to support yourself & others


Sound, song, & mantra are incredible practices that encourage us to listen deeply and commune from an authentic place. As such sound, prayer, & mantra are integrated in each module along with practices to support your connection & leadership in these practices. 


You find communication, especially in conflict very difficult. Perhaps you find it hard to speak up for yourself or set boundaries.


You are not alone! The ability to voice our value is incredibly difficult for so many of us. I have been there! Within the program you will learn how to approach difficult conversations with greater presence & clarity giving you greater self - confidence & making your words more impactful.

About me

As a singer, yoga teacher, music producer, & coach I have witnessed how our voice can be a a powerful instrument for healing & empowerment or a source of deep shame & embarrassment. 


I struggled for years with my voice. As a singer & artist I was often rejected for being too emotional, intense, or ‘just not the right fit.’ In my personal life it was worse. Not only did I struggle to speak up for myself I would become so anxious and discombobulated at times that I couldn’t even discern what I felt or needed. There were important people in my life (family members, relationships, etc) where I felt completely powerless and as though I would never be heard or understood. 


I've heard about these same challenges with countless students & clients: the   inability to speak up for themselves, insecurities around teaching or sharing, to the pain & embarrassment of being told they couldn't sing, or feeling like those close to them didn't listen.

For 15 years I have lived and worked in the fields of voice & wellness. And I have seen both in my personal life & through my clients that when we stand in our voice from a place of resonance we unveil a sense of sovereignty, humility, & grace. 

This program is born from a burning desire to help others find & celebrate their incredible voices. It integrates decades of self study, 10,000 hours of yoga teaching & practice, thousands of performances, music composition & production, and intense studies in psychology & coaching.  It is not a quick fix, it is a wholistic approach to voice that meets our blocks at their root and works to unravel them while nurturing a caring & compassionate space for the voice to emerge.

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Group Calls: Here we will explore the exercises for the week & awaken our expression through community support & interactive practice!


Community where you can share with your peers and receive daily inspiration for your voice & expression.


An online celebratory event where you can invite your community to share in a circle of song & inspiration. this is an opportunity to express your voice in leadership through  song, story, or inspiration.

* Don't worry leading is NOT a requirement 



Modules designed create understanding around your voice & awaken it's potential through exercises designed to integrate the body, spirit, & mind


Inspiration to keep you connected & inspired!

Work it

  • R.I.R. Workbook that takes you sequentially through the Triad of  Resonance (the method). ATTEND to your self, ATTUNE to skills & possibility, & ARTICULATE your incredible voice.

  • R.I.R. Songbook (chords & lyrics) for songs & mantras

Sonic Support


Audio recordings composed to AWAKEN & INSPIRE your voice & expression!

*These mp3s are ONLY offered through the R.I.R. Program

Personal Support

Private Session

Individual coaching session to help you pinpoint your area of growth & meet yourself where you are with grace, intelligence, & care.

Are You Ready to Uncover the Gifts of Your Voice?

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Lisi said

There was such a deep connection in such a short time that I felt like sister soul connection. You saw me and you knew exactly how to approach everything to go deep. You also knew the moment for me to start singing and I am so grateful we did the previous work before, because it gave it such purpose. It was terrifying for me not only to sing like that but to do it in front of you! It was super uncomfortable but at the same time it felt so safe and I felt so held. Without you trespassing the threshold would have been impossible. I feel much lighter, much softer, more feminine. And I spent all afternoon singing and I even sang for the first time to my kids while putting them to bed.  I felt for the first time comfortable with me singing. ~ Lisi Lluch Herbert

Marc said

As someone who has felt, or inadvertently chosen, to be silenced most of my life, learning to try and find my voice was more than just trying to learn to speak clearer, louder or better. More than just overcoming the discomfort of speaking, let alone singing. It was about meeting apart of me that I never grew, a skillset I never practiced, a confidence that never got to rise up, this caged animal inside me that learned to be tamed in silence a long long time ago This program for me was a bit of exposure therapy in a safe environment lead by someone who had their own journey through voice and could model and provide a heading to explore something inside me I knew I wanted but didn't know where to begin. I learned that it takes ease not effort to find my voice. Though learning to do something differently is not without effort, as anything new tends to be. It was also a lot of fun! ~ Marc Triggle

Jenny said

As Amy seems to know exactly how to draw you in and help you get into spaces with your voice that you didn’t know possible! Rise in Resonance was one of a kind and I found myself thinking about and playing around with what I learned long after the weekend was over.  And the 1:1 coaching session - it was brilliant! Amy knew exactly what was needed. ~ Jenny Smith

Bianca said

For most of my life I have listened to others, or blindly believed the thoughts in my head to be true. These past decades I have applied myself to the work of yoga, cultivating mindfulness, deepening into reflection and embodied awareness. Now with the teachings of Amy's Rise in Resonance program I can still hold space for others, and for the first time truly listen and honor myself. With RIR I remembered how impactful mantra and sound is, how it can easily and powerfully shift the state of my being. I remembered how to disentangle rumination in my mind from fact, thoughts, beliefs and to uncover my authentic core needs. Of course I was completely charmed and engaged with Amy's music and storytelling, and best of all it encourages me to pass all of this on to my children, to help them find their true voice, to play with sounds, to meet their thoughts and unearth their needs, ... and truly just to to welcome it all - Bianca Sinclair

Paola said

My sessions with Amy have helped me process and heal in days what would have taken me a while on my own. I felt really heard my her, she payed close attention to all my verbal and non-verbal cues and she knew the right questions to ask to help me find within myself the answers I have been looking for. I felt really seen by her with all my weaknesses and strengths and at the same time she projected back to me that regardless what I am going through I am loved, appreciated and a gift in this universe. After our sessions I felt as though I not only knew my truth but felt inspired to share it with others. ~ Paolo Galindo

Tessa said

gained an intense respect of myself; mentally, physically, spiritually. I gained a new outlook on the world and everyone in it. I am able to ground myself out and tell when I am able to help others.  I also gained the knowledge that the things I have been through have been hard and that I shouldn’t downplay them anymore or they will always be carried with me.  I was the only one standing in my way. I will always recommend this program to others. ~ Tessa Boutin

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