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How to Create Social Content that Matters & Lifts Your Own Heart

A MUST WATCH if you struggle to create content that feels authentic, purposeful, & joyful. Pete Longworth is a good friend & a straight up wizard. Even on re-watching this interview I was re-charged & excited to create. I hope his magic does the same for you!

Viewer discretion as there is some nudity & language

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  • 3:26 - Pete’s Journey to Content Creation (Covid forward)

  • 4:05 - Working with Simon Sinek

  • 6: 56 - The lessons learned from starting again (‘Top of the Pops’ as a photographer to Content creations courses)

  • 8:56 - How do we create content that matters - Pete’s Why

  • 11:28 - Do we dare to uncover magic?

  • 13: 06- Enjoying the playground

  • 13:30 - Addressing the challenges of making content (& voice) - allowing ourself to be seen

  • 18:18 - How to meet the expectation to create consistent content

  • 20:07 - Why are you doing what you’re doing

  • 22:41 - Getting intimate with the inner critic

  • 24:58 - Petes story - the first time he got intimate with his inner critic

  • 27:08 - Dealing with self recognition of arrogance or embarrassment.(Amy’s story)

  • 28:40 - How witnessing ourself allows us to refine & develop our skills

  • 31:01 - Social media is it right for you… steps of developing content for you.

  • 32:15 - How to ‘play the game’ in a way that is authentic to you.

  • 33:42 - Changing your perspective

  • 36:30 - Perspective & the nervous system

  • 38:00 - Twist of fates - how Pete & I met (which was on social media)

  • 41:04 - Some of the content we have made together (nudity)

  • 45:23 - The shift of self esteem in seeing & being seen in one’s beauty

  • 48:18 - The picture from Jim

  • 50:00 - Posturing & disarming into authenticity

  • 51:54 - Getting to be all parts of ourself

  • 54: 07 - Our photo shoot (& a testimony to working with what you have) & being in magic

  • 56:12 - You can only witness what you allow

  • 57:25 - Showing our cracks

  • 1:01:35 - All about Pete’s ‘Create Content that Matters’ Program

  • 1:06:05 - A Sneak Peak into Pete’s Current Inspiration Work

Sometimes our challenges in creating content is in allowing ourself to deepen into the clarity of what we want, need, desire, & why. If you are looking to clarify your vision (even before content is on the table) & would like assistance book a call. I would be happy to hep you gain clarity into your direction & first steps. Book a free consult now.

About Amy

Amy Thiessen is an international somatic voice & communications coach who helps women inhabit greater comfort in their bodies & express themselves with clarity, courage, & resonance through group programs & 1:1 coaching. Under the artist name ‘Sundari Studios’ she offers hypnotic devotional musical performance & production designed to uplift the spirit & awaken the heart. Thiessen's music & work has been featured on TED X, Wanderlust, Embodylab Summits (Embodied Yoga & MindBody Therapy) & alongside international teachers Janet Stone & Megan Currie.

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Amy Thiessen and Pete Longworth hit the mark with this interview! The exploration of self recognition addressing inner critics, and the journey of being seen in ones beauty resonated deeply. Professional Garage Floor Epoxy Services in Lake Oswego

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