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#8 Music is Medicine: Permission to Sing

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Aired: June 22, 2020

Every Monday at 7pm MDT

Theme: Permission to Sing

Songs: What a Wonderful World I Three little birds.

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This week's theme is Permission to Sing

Singing is so much more then the sounds we make. In my work I use singing as one of the key components to finding more resonance in our voice and expression. Yet I hear again and again how people feel like they "can't sing" or are "tone def" or have a story about being teased and stopped singing altogether. These stories we tell ourselves about our voice are hugely impactful, and unfortunately may prevent us from realizing the very real benefits of singing. I honestly believe that everyone can sing.


In my blog this week "Permission to Sing"


I explore some of the reasons we stop singing and how we can change our perspective and give ourselves permission to sing anyway. The benefits of singing on our physical, mental, and emotional health are widely studied and scientifically documented. Within moments of singing there are positive effects.


So if you are someone who thinks you can't sing, or shouldn't sing I encourage you to check out this blog and give yourself the permission to try and see for yourself what happens.


With that, I would LOVE for you to sing along with me today. I chose 2 songs that I love and are easily sing-along-able.


Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World

Bob Marley - Three little birds


I'd really enjoy to hearing how singing effects you. Please comment, share your experiences, and share this video with anyone you know who might benefit from singing:)

Much love


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