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Connected Communication Group Program

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The Connected Communication Group Program's purpose is to assist passionate and conscientious people in expressing themselves with elegance, confidence, and impact. You'll uncover the power and resonance in your full expression by weaving together physical practices, mindfulness, voice exercises, with interpersonal communication skills.

Life is full of difficulties. Some people appear to be fearless in the face of adversity, while others struggle to conquer it. You truly crave challenges on some level. Your higher self wants you to learn and grow, and experience is the most effective instrument for doing so. Read Also: The Struggles of Self Compassion & How to Meet Yourself with Kindness

The trouble is that you may find yourself confronted with the same issues over and over again, and this is when you lose the desire to address the problem and lose sight of the possible lesson. These ongoing challenges can lead to despair and dissatisfaction. Through clear & effective communication you have the power to overcome these obstacles and act as a co-creator of your own world. You engage in the journey towards a higher state of consciousness with a sense of self responsibility and awareness. From this perspective, inevitable challenges become an opportunity to glimpse your highest self rather than a debilitating problem.

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I believe that everyone of us has something genuinely significant to say, that expressing that is important and that getting there sometimes requires a little assistance.

I work at the intersection of voice, body, and communication to help you express yourself freely and confidently in sound, relationships, and leadership. It's time to put yourself out there. Connect and experience with an intimate & supportive community!

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John Abraham
John Abraham
Dec 08, 2023

This program offers an empowering opportunity for individuals to enhance their communication skills and unlock their full expressive potential. It is a platform that nurtures growth and self-discovery. Home Cleaning Services in Eastvale CA

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