Growing Back Stronger: 5 Reminders as We Return to Our Changed World Now.

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A few weeks ago I went to my first full family gathering in over 6 months. Normally family gatherings are my jam. Sure, there’s the usual family dynamics to deal with but for the most part I really like getting together with everyone.

That said, when my sister-in-law texted me to make a plan I felt instantly anxious. I started to worry that family members were judging me & felt panic in my chest. Quite honestly my body was ‘on guard’ for days leading up to & throughout most of the get together.

But.. there was no logical reason to feel this way...

Sound familiar?

Several of my friends & clients have shared their struggles with re-entering life ~ a felt sense of being on edge, not wanting to engage, or feeling anxious in scenarios when there isn't a tangible issue.

It's frustrating & perhaps disheartening but it also makes sense.

The reality is that for many of us we aren’t quite the same person that we were 18 months ago… and our world has changed.

As we return to more 'normal' activities we are inevitably faced with those emotions, relationships, & inner states that have been fractured, compartmentalized , or are still being process.

The new 'normal' is still finding it's footing.

So how do we show up for ourselves & each other in a world that has been changed?

I’m not going to act like I know the answer to this question (only you do) BUT I would like to offer 5 gentle reminders that may support you in re-engaging & returning to life from a place of presence, honesty, & connection.

Reminder 1: Begin Where You Are Now

It can be easy if not habitual to compare ourselves to how we use to be. But, the reality is we are in a different place then we were in February 2020.

Where are you now?

Can you give yourself permission to be here. Permission to be a little anxious or nervous. Permission to take a little longer to sort things out or to need a little more time before getting back into the swing of full social engagement.

This isn’t about coddling or enabling our less supportive behaviours. It’s about being honest with ourselves about our emotions, our mental health, our fears, & our excitement.

When we can meet ourselves where we are forge a path forward that honours our lived reality without bypassing the process. I’ll be honest it might suck a little or be uncomfortable but meeting & engaging with ourselves in this way will likely serve us the most in the long run.

Reminder 2: Anchor