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Know Your Worth, Speak Your Truth, & Embody Your Gifts

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

As the dust settles on 2020 this new year offers us pause & a gentle reminder that we may always begin again. When it comes to our voice ~ from our creative gifts to the ways in which we communicate with one another ~ the most evocative expressions are those which stem from inner steadiness, compassion, & intelligent curious thought. As we practice these qualities we remember that it is less about the words we say or the techniques we employ & more about tapping into an innate brilliance that exists when our clear mind, receptive spirit, & embodied voice unite together in resonance.

And so as we embark on 2021 may I offer these simple tips to support you in the knowing your worth, expressing your truth, & sharing of your gifts to the world.


Place Yourself in Your Care. When we feel great love for another we give them even greater care; seeing beyond their faults, offering them patience, celebrating their wins, & supporting them in their struggles. Offer yourself the same courtesies you would give your greatest love.

Permission to Feel. Feeling is an process of the body, one often seized by the stories of our mind. Your body is deeply intelligent. If you offer it presence & experience the felt sense of your emotions beyond the thinking mind you give them a passageway through.

Create a Sanctuary for Your Voice. To know our voice, our feelings, our needs we need a place that is wholly safe where we can express, digest, & listen. Create a space in your life where all feelings, all thoughts, all ideas are welcome to be expressed & their wisdom understood. Even angry words or uncomfortable emotions stem from something beneath ~ as you express & listen with gentle presence the truth will surface in time.

Cultivate Presence. All have is now. Cultivate an awareness of the present moment by listening to now, sensing now, & being in now. Presence is the foundation to all communication.


Engage in Prayer. Begin in gratitude & then share your challenges with that which is greater. In prayer we open ourselves to guidance, insight, & possibility.

Acknowledge the 'And'. We are dynamic beings capable of feeling a multitude of emotions & addressing a variety of needs at one time. It’s okay to feel love & frustration, to desire to act one way & choose to act another, & to allow for different aspects of experience to exist at once. Acknowledge the 'ands' & you will gain access to a wider more holistic perspective.

Cultivate Connection. As you come to recognize your own patterns of humanity allow this knowledge to imbue your recognition of & compassion towards others. Every person offers us a reflection into our own perceptions.

Sing. Song is an expression of the soul. It connects us to ourself, to others, & allows us to process those emotions we can't articulate. In song we become a student of timing, resonance, & silence while cultivating our voice & regulating our nervous system.


Compassion need not be Complacent. It is deeply supportive to feel compassion for ourselves & others. This compassion may exist even as we address those challenges or behaviours that seek our attention ~ forgiveness, integrity, boundaries, honesty, & growth can all exist within within compassion.

Speak from Self Respect. Speak not to manipulate or seek validation but to offer your genuine perspective out of self respect & recognition. This is an act of sovereignty that demonstrates & establishes inner steadiness & self esteem.

Communicate with Respect. In dialogue an intention for mutual respect & understanding allows us to learn, listen, & meet each other. When we offer respect we are more likely to receive it kind.

Embody Your Voice. Our body is a compass that can help you navigate the intention & resonance of your speech. Map your voice through your body by connecting to the felt sense of your intention & speaking from there.

About the Author: Amy Thiessen is a coach, writer, & musician who focuses on helping women connect to their confidence, purpose, & self esteem through voice & communication. Offering a holistic approach Amy helps individuals uncover & overcome their unique blocks around voice & communication, connect to their self esteem & purpose, & ultimately express themselves in a way that is empowered & impactful.

If you are interesting in establishing more connection to voice in sound & expression or desire to communicate in a clear & impactful way 'In Resonance Coaching' can helpI Book a free 20 minute consultation & lear how IRC can help you reach your communication goals.

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